Elder Law



Ensuring your loved ones are taken care of.

Cassidy Law assists clients in avoiding or limiting “Medicaid Spend Down”, which is the depletion of resources while the client pays for nursing home costs until his or her assets have reached the low threshold that qualifies the client for Medicaid.

Application Services

Often the burden of paperwork can we overwhelming.  Our legal services include the assisting of application completion and submission as well as any filing of administrative appeals.


Many times, clients benefit from counsel during required appearances before Department of Jobs and Family Services and/ or the Ohio Department of Medicaid.  We have you covered here too!

Avoiding or Reducing Spend Down

Importantly, creating plans consisting of Long Term Care Insurance, annuities (such as a SPIA), Trusts, re-titling of assets, and planned gifts may be necessary to reduce Medicaid Spend Down exposure both for assets and income.