Estate Planning 

Estate Planning



The Gift of an Estate Plan

Estate planning is the process of distributing a person’s assets during life or at death.  The process of planning is a gift to those around you, bringing you and them peace knowing that your wishes are taken care of.  

Basic Estate Planning

Includes Wills, Revocable Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Advanced Directives, beneficiary designations, and the titling of assets.

Advanced Estate Planning

Involves reducing or eliminating a client’s exposure to creditors as well as estate and income tax at death with the following:

(1) Private annuities;

(2) IRA Trusts and conduit trust provisions concerning qualified accounts;

(3) IDGTs; 

(4) GRATs/GRUTs;

(5) ILITs;

(6) GST/Dynasty trusts;

(7) CRTs or CLTs;

(8) QPRTs;

(9) Medicaid planning and Medicaid trusts; and

(10) Trusts for disabled beneficiaries or beneficiaries with creditor issues.